Bespoke Software Development Consultation


Advice About Software Development

You may be looking for ways to improve any of the following applications or architectures or to incorporate them into your business process:


You do not necessary have to ask us to build a new application for you. We can advise you on the best practices in web, mobile, desktop and software development.

Consultancy is offered on an hourly basis either by phone, Skype, email or face-to-face in London. You are free to make whatever notes are necessary or, if you prefer and for an extra charge, we can provide a written report summarising any action you need to take to achieve your goals and objectives.

Why Us

  • Competitive prices
  • Projects are charged per functionality
  • Projects are not charged per hour
  • We cater for all realistic budgets
  • Ongoing support
  • Product training
  • Free website hosting

Contact Details
Mobile: 0758 604 1399