Mobile Software Development

Mobile Software Development

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We specialise in building mobile applications for iOS devices which allow seamless communication between the mobile worker and their base, to allow for a much more productive working environment. If you have a workforce that will benefit from better communication or that need to collate and record external data on the move then Keycode Consultancy can help.

For staffs that are 'in the field' collecting information and returning to the office to complete their work then mobile computing is the natural fit. We specialise in development for Apple iPhone,  iPad,  Windows Mobile & Windows Phone.

Businesses which will benefit most from mobile computing are those who are heavily data dependent and who spend much time gathering information and converting it to other formats for management reports or clients.

Why Us

  • Competitive prices
  • Projects are charged per functionality
  • Projects are not charged per hour
  • We cater for all realistic budgets
  • Ongoing support
  • Product training
  • Free website hosting

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